The Daraburger

Turkey Patty

We strive to produce quality food with best manufacturing practices observed at all times. We have invested in a HACCP certified food processing plant to bring you premium meat products of the best quality. We are also certified by JAKIM Of Authentication HALAL.

At Darabif Meat Processing, the supply Chain are ensured to follow strict quality manufacturing and production processes in line with our commitment of producing nothing but the premium quality products.

Our Food product can be categorized as follow:

  • Raw Meat – portion cut, de-boned meat.
  • Further processed products – Burger, Meat Ball, Sausage, Square Burger, Rissoles and Shish Kofta

Dara Turkey Burger
are made from
100% Quality Australian Turkey

Items per package: 4 pieces
Net Weight:100 gm / per patty
  • More Meat & Less Fat
  • High Protein
  • No Added Preservatives

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